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A Single Drop of Water (Interview)

30 maj, 2020

Hur började Bengts engagemang i Brasilien?

Se intervjun med Bengt ”A single drop of Water”.


In the arid north eastern region of Brazil a social transformation is taking place. One of the major drivers of this transformation is the one million cistern programme which makes it possible for families to stay on the land and to keep it productive throughout the year as well as securing a reliable source of water for households in this water scarce region.
This film uses material filmed by Bengt Carlsson during his visits to the project as a church of Sweden volunteer.
The objective is to raise support to produce a full length documentary that tells the story of this remarkable transformation that is driven by simple and accessible technology and grassroots organisation.

”A Single Drop of Water” – Bento50 AB i ett nära samarbete med Afrika Select.

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